P.A.S. Restauration et vente de voitures anciennes et de collection
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Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1600 1962


Car entierly restaured (see pictures)

Capacity : 1570 cm3
Sérial number : AR373644
Engine N° : AR00112*04574
Weight : 885 Kg
First Registration : 1962
Power : 90 HP

This Sporting elegant coachwork was designed and built by Pininfarina, the 1.3-litre Giulietta Spider was a huge success and continued virtually unchanged in 1.6-litre Giulia guise when the latter joined the Alfa line-up in 1962. A bonnet air scoop, necessary to clear the larger engine's taller block, readily identified the new model. The capacity increase boosted maximum power of Alfa's classic twin-cam four from 80 to 92bhp and the car's top speed to109mph. Reliability was likewise enhanced and the larger engine was noticeably smoother and less fussy. A five-speed gearbox was standard on the Giulia Spider, which remained in production until 1966.

Original European Supplied LHD.

An exceptionally sound and rust-free original southern European supplied left hand drive example which would benefit from some straightforward improvement. Crucially still fitted with its original engine... and five-speed transmission.


Quite simply, excellent, having been the subject of much recent expenditure. The original engine has been comprehensively rebuilt, to the extent of including new pistons and liners and the correct original 5-speed gearbox has had new bearings fitted. The braking system has been thoroughly overhauled and the car has a new exhaust system. As a result of all this work, the car runs and drives very well with no faults in evidence.


In 2013, a total restoration body,new rubbers. Chrome plated parts and other brightwork are, for the most part, excellent. All lights are original and correct, even down to the proper Carello headlamps.


The folding hood frame itself is in very good condition and operates perfectly. A new hood fitted. The fitted hood cover / tonneau is in very good, undamaged condition.


The correct steel wheels remain in good cosmetic condition - these are fitted with anew set of tyres in 2013. The spare is in the usual place and the car still retains its original jack etc.


The seats have been retrimmed to original specification in black and these are in excellent, undamaged condition, as are the door trim panels and the dashboard top. Carpets are new.

All original fixtures and fittings are in place and in good condition.


This presents well, both cosmetically as well as with much evidence of recent maintenance and general attention to detail. Once again, as with the rest of the car, everything is very correct, unmolested and as it should be.

Price : SOLD